Fighting the Power (Bill)

A web designer is attached to his computer at the hip. Everything I do, for example, revolves around my laptop from the time I wake up in the morning to the time I go to bed at night. How else should it be? The only other gadget that gets my attention is my alarm clock. While my computer buzzes at 7:00am, I often turn over in bed and ignore it.

Next, I check my agenda for the day on my “to do” list and then rush over to my email account to catch up. I take a minute to check my text messages and calendar on my cell phone. Then I am ready for real work whatever it may be. It might be creating an amazing design for a new client or answering basic questions. I could also be instructing someone else on the fine points of the field. I show the trainee the best sites I can find as examples. Having spent hours browsing the Internet, I already have a dozen in my head. I truly admire innovation and quality design. There is so much stuff out there in cyberspace that something must be extraordinary to stand out as more than journeyman work.

Okay, so that’s my day. It rarely changes. Don’t feel sorry for me as I am by no means bored. I am constantly challenged by my craft. Recently, however, I was challenged by the darn weather. I felt like a soggy brain for a few weeks when the temperature outside soared. I knew it was out of the ordinary for my area when I got my electric bill. It was sky high. Heavy A/C usage must stop I promised myself, even if my computer was about to melt like a high-tech version of Dali’s famous soft watches. When I mentioned this to a friend, three days later I got a package in the mail containing a wrist watch with just this image. I love it and look at it every day on my dresser. Occasionally, I take off my Apple Watch for a change of pace. But I digress…

It was super-hot, and I was dreaming about sleeping in a bathtub of ice cubes instead of sitting in a sauna. I was fixated on not turning the air conditioning too low. It occurred to me that a new ceiling fan would be just what the doctor ordered to revive my spirits. It didn’t take long to find a couple of discount sites on the Web to make my choice. I buy everything these days online like most people. Why buck the trend? You have the shopping mall of the world at your fingertips. The fans were diverse, coming in assorted colors and finished. You can buy them with or without center lighting fixtures. Nowadays, you want a remote switch to change the speed and operate the dimmer. In a few minutes, you are ready for cooler days ahead.