Protect Your Castle

In the process of creating innovative web design, I am challenged with a variety of projects. It is one thing to create a page that is easy to navigate and prompts a response. I pride myself on great composition using the space well in terms of font sizes and styles as well as embedded photos and videos. The menu must be easy to read and links and buttons not hidden at the bottom. I don’t always write the content. I leave that to the inhouse staff of the business that has hired my services. Thus, I was very surprised when a client asked me to write copy for their home security company. I was game to give it a try and asked for any existing literature. Above all, I needed true testimonials from happy customers. People need these reviews.

While I am not an expert on this subject, I know how to do research. The Internet won’t let me down. In fact, I found dozens of articles on protecting one’s home. They covered various types of security systems and which are best for a given location and property. Some people want cameras and others rely on the power of loud sound. Most want motion sensor lights as they fear home invasions and much has been written about them in posts such as They want as much advanced tipoff as they can get. I will be sure to mention where to install them for best results. As far as I know, the more the better. Don’t forget the main living spaces and bedrooms.

The world is a dangerous place, prompting people to study martial arts, carry self-defense weapons, learn how to use a pistol, and safeguard their homes from robbers. It has created an enormous business. Drive by any neighborhood in the city or the suburbs and count how many signs you see. These display the name of the security system in use and serve as a warning to would-be thieves. They make the homeowner feel less vulnerable although as for me, I would rather rely on what has been installed inside.

For my current job, I wanted to highlight certain features of their approach to security. I started with a rundown of their key benefits including professional installation and stellar customer service. This means that the employees are licensed, trained, and drug tested. You can trust them in your home. Furthermore, they offer 24/7 monitoring and complete assistance if you are not at home and the alarm sounds. I call this “immediate response.” I included a photo of their state-of-the-art touch screen keypad and remote control. These are the fundamental elements of a good form of communication. As you can imagine, nowadays you can control the system from any mobile phone. It simply takes the right app. This means you can arm and disarm your alarm with one touch.

I believe I have everything in hand to make a great website to suit the needs of a security system provider. It won’t look like all the rest and the content will be complete.