App for a New Client

Gold is one of the seven basic investments. It is right up there with stocks, bonds, real estate, currency, insurance, and bank accounts. No, there are not more than this. It is like the seven notes in the western musical scale. Every piece of music is written with them. Quarter and half notes, for example, are like mutual or hedge funds—variations of the basics. Gold is a commodity and people follow the prices diligently whether they are collectors or not. It is a good indication of the state of the economy.

There are times when it disappoints and the value of an ounce drops for a time; but it is a resilient metal figuratively speaking that eventually bounces back. This makes it a great vehicle for retirement savings. A well-rounded portfolio will include it for diversification. Knowing the passion for gold in and for itself and as a economic indicator, I wanted to great an app that would evaluate past prices up to the present and come up with a percentage increase. You would plug in when you bought the gold and the app would pull up the original value. I want it to do more than this however. It should project prices into the future so investors will know when to sell. Usually people sell too soon, not realizing how important it is to hold for at least a minimal amount of time. I have a client who will totally thrilled that I turned his hobby into a form of online communication. You can access it on your laptop or cell phone.

It is something you can use alongside your stock price converter. There is a great web site that gives you today’s prices, but also researches the past history of gold prices. It is kind of where I got the idea for my gold version. I like the way it calculates profit immediately if the owner should sell on that day.

I will advertise the app online on Facebook and on sites that sell metal detectors. No doubt the visitors are gold and silver buffs and commodity players. Since there are a lot of these people out there, the app should be a winner. If you are in this group, by all means let me know so I can guide you to the best place to purchase and download it. It is meant to help people in a very practical way and it should be a boon to commodity brokers as well. They can turn their clients onto a great new source of data.

This app has been one of my best ideas. I pride myself on creativity in the digital sphere and so much has already been done. I have my niche and this is a new direction for me. I have spent hours on it and now call it successful. Once it is launched and word has been spread, I will be on to my next project. It is always a challenge I seek.