No More Tennis Shoes to Work

Most days, things are routine in the digital world as I work for clients on various website coding jobs. I can ply my favorite trade for hours on end without a break. I don’t like to waste time and love being prompt and reliable. Imagine my chagrin when I dropped a heavy piece of computer equipment on my foot, breaking two toes. I was in pain for days! And angry! How stupid can you get? I didn’t know a hard drive could be a weapon. So, don’t think of throwing it at anyone unless you want to wreak havoc.

My feet were now out of commission and I had to wear comfortable, pliable shoes. Soft ones, however, are no protection against falling objects. You can be in harm’s way on any job. I don’t know if he was kidding, but a colleague at the office suggested buying some strong work boots for welding, like the welding version that construction workers wear. Their feet are safe and secure. I was a bit aghast at the idea, but it grew on me. I took a look at these babies and understood the importance of the reinforced toes. I was a bit emotional about my feet at this point.

I expected to be made fun of, but not from my office mates. They all wear the oddest clothing and shoes. Computer nerds don’t care about appearance and expressing individuality like normal people. I pity those who wear flipflops that expose vulnerable toes. Next to them, my welding boots look so sturdy and clunky. No more tennis shoes to work for me. In addition to the steel inner toe, the soles are thick and durable. The salesman said that there are always glass bottles on construction sites. With proper footwear, you can crunch one down on the concrete and feel absolutely nothing.

Welding boots can be lace up leather uppers, padded around the ankle, waterproof, and/or stitched all around the surface. It is your choice. Mine do more than I ask of them as they absorb impact incredibly well. Now that I am used to them, they are rather stylish. Who knew that safety could look this good. You have a choice of black or brownish copper. The inner material is lightweight and cool—no hot fabric that traps heat. No sweaty feet that are smothered all day long. The footbeds cushion your tootsies from any hard surface. We have a concrete floor and I never go home with tired and sore feet. Did I mention the steel shanks? It’s a tough material that lifts the muscles in the feet—no straining in your stride. What took me so long to discover these fabulous boots? They even can protect you from electrical hazards (they actually soak up electricity). The tread is slip-resistant as well. People buy them for good grip and traction. I could go on and on touting the benefits of welding boots.