Other People’s Mistakes

I am pretty much of a whiz on the computer. I live and breathe the digital realm. I do it for myself and to help others. If you have a glitch caused by someone else’s code, I can fix it. For example, recently I had a client with a nice website where customers could view and buy the latest styles in basketball shoes. The ability to do this has been a revolution in the athletic sneaker industry. Who ever thought you would buy something to wear without trying it on?

The site was well constructed and appealing to the eye. It was very easy to navigate and most important, the range of styles was adequate, if not excessive. It could take hours to read all the descriptions, prices, and testimonials. Nevertheless, the headings were large enough, the photos offered close-ups at the click of a mouse, and the embedded videos were helpful. Someone knows his or her business. I liked the limited number of pages, the visible checkout, the site’s apparent security, and the attractive color scheme. There is not much I would change or add. However, there was a glitch when entering personal information to get on the email list. Most people don’t mind signing up so they can be notified about sales and discounts, or when a new model is available in their size. It wasn’t working as well as it should and I had to step in and remedy the problem.

I did in no time, but there was also a side benefit. As I worked my way through the Baller’s Guide site and scrolled through everything on offer, I noticed a terrific pair of basketball shoes that practically shouted, “buy me.” They were a bit different from the sneakers I have and I loved the touch of retro in the design. I prefer this to a more space-age approach. It harkens back to another era. Most of us remember the “good old days” and want to indulge in a bit of nostalgia at some point. The shoes were black with white soles and laces. They were edgy only because they are different. By accident, therefore, I acquired a new pair of athletic shoes. It’s funny how things like this happen. I guess I would have gone on wearing my worn-out shoes.

When the shoes came, I considered it a big bonus to the software job. I killed two birds with one stone. I don’t always have time to shop, online or in stores. I make time to play basketball, and that’s about it for recreation. If any time is left over after working a full day, I like to go out with the guys. The last time I went for a drink in my cool basketball shoes, I got a lot of attention. I gave out information on the site I had worked on and brought about a couple additional sales for my client. When he found out, he gave me a coupon for half off my next order. My luck keeps rolling on.