When Websites Are Done Well…

I hate badly designed websites. I abhor lazy souls who don’t give a darn. They just want to sell their product or service. No matter that the color scheme is boring, the font is too small, or the navigability is terrible. They have to learn a thing or two. Website construction is an art these days and pertains as much to site appearance as great content. I get so turned off by inferior layout that I immediately go to another page. It can be very irritating when you are looking for something specific and the low-grade site has more than a few to offer. I resist my instinct to move on in such a case.

Let me give you an example to make my point clear. I needed a quality shop vac and hoped to find a website filled with product reviews and testimonials. I trust users and read their words with care. This way I won’t make a costly mistake. Not every vac is equal. They have different features. First and foremost, do you want an electric one or a battery-operated machine? After leaving the poorly-organized websites, I hit on a great one that had everything I needed. I like a one-stop shop approach. It makes it easy for visitors to survey the site quickly and find the right item. I was so impressed with the layout and the easy viewing of the items. You could immediately see the price, description, reviews and testimonials without searching about mindlessly. Each product on offer had a rating as well. I felt confident that I would be ordering the best shop vac based on the construction of the site. If that much attention had been given to navigation and design, then it must also have been given to the selection of products themselves.

I am tempted to reveal the name of the site, but frankly, as a blogger I am not here to promote anyone in particular. I do like to laud good websites in principle. In this Internet-driven world, you would expect to see only the best, but alas, it is not so. There are great consultants out there, but people don’t often know how to contact them. But when websites are done well…it is a coup for the industry. If you need to build or improve a site, why not select a few of the top-quality ones and contact them for information on their webmaster.

Meanwhile I love my new shop vac and it is getting considerable use. It cleans up anything from sawdust and wood chips to metal shavings lying about. It is easy to open and empty right into the trash. Then I hang it on the wall of my garage right next to my other essential tools. I like that it is portable, has attachments, and has wet or dry capacity. They come in larger sizes than mine if you are a real do-it-yourselfer. Keep your space clean and debris free with a handy shop vac like mine.