Fighting the Power (Bill)

A web designer is attached to his computer at the hip. Everything I do, for example, revolves around my laptop from the time I wake up in the morning to the time I go to bed at night. How else should it be? The only other gadget that gets my attention is my alarm clock. While my computer buzzes at 7:00am, I often turn over in bed and ignore it.

Next, I check my agenda for the day on my “to do” list and then rush over to my email account to catch up. I take a minute to check my text messages and calendar on my cell phone. Then I am ready for real work whatever it may be. It might be creating an amazing design for a new client or answering basic questions. I could also be instructing someone else on the fine points of the field. I show the trainee the best sites I can find as examples. Having spent hours browsing the Internet, I already have a dozen in my head. I truly admire innovation and quality design. There is so much stuff out there in cyberspace that something must be extraordinary to stand out as more than journeyman work.

Okay, so that’s my day. It rarely changes. Don’t feel sorry for me as I am by no means bored. I am constantly challenged by my craft. Recently, however, I was challenged by the darn weather. I felt like a soggy brain for a few weeks when the temperature outside soared. I knew it was out of the ordinary for my area when I got my electric bill. It was sky high. Heavy A/C usage must stop I promised myself, even if my computer was about to melt like a high-tech version of Dali’s famous soft watches. When I mentioned this to a friend, three days later I got a package in the mail containing a wrist watch with just this image. I love it and look at it every day on my dresser. Occasionally, I take off my Apple Watch for a change of pace. But I digress…

It was super-hot, and I was dreaming about sleeping in a bathtub of ice cubes instead of sitting in a sauna. I was fixated on not turning the air conditioning too low. It occurred to me that a new ceiling fan would be just what the doctor ordered to revive my spirits. It didn’t take long to find a couple of discount sites on the Web to make my choice. I buy everything these days online like most people. Why buck the trend? You have the shopping mall of the world at your fingertips. The fans were diverse, coming in assorted colors and finished. You can buy them with or without center lighting fixtures. Nowadays, you want a remote switch to change the speed and operate the dimmer. In a few minutes, you are ready for cooler days ahead.

Asking Dr. Google

As a web designer and writer of clean code, I spend my time on the Internet to get the job done in time to please my clients. If I have to switch gears and research something in another area, it is a distraction for sure. Recently, however, I couldn’t say no. A friend had been diagnosed with the poorly-understood and debilitating disease of fibromyalgia and needed some information and data in order to cope. Because it was a medical issue, I asked Dr. Google first. My real doctor pooh poohs using the Web as a resource and makes fun of me when I go this route. He said there is only one person to consult, and that is he. The Internet doesn’t have a medical degree, he sneers.

Okay, so what is fibromyalgia and how do you treat it? Patients experience discomfort and pain as a result of overactive nerves and this suffering can occur in one or more trigger areas of the body. One time it could be the stomach and another the back. Symptoms vary with the individual, but pain relief is a top priority. A relatively new drug, Lyrica, is said to be helpful and it works well for some people. It doubles as a remedy for diabetic nerve pain in the feet. My friend was happy to get some answers but surely there were homeopathic medications that can fill in the gaps left by the ineffective Lyrica. Research led me to one big answer: massage. Apparently, clinical studies ( show that regular massage of affected parts of the body are very therapeutic.

People with fibromyalgia can have good and bad days, some of which are spent in bed. You know that feeling when you just can’t put your feet on the floor at all. Not even the smell of fresh-brewed coffee will entice you to come to the kitchen. My friend said that in his case, the arrival of a masseuse makes him almost elated, as much as a sick person can be. There is something about the human touch that works wonders, if not miracles. It makes him relax and let go of the tension and stress caused by recurrent fatigue and pain. He was glad that the “authorities” on the Facebook seem to agree. I found sites that sell home portable massage units for those too ill to get up and visit a salon or spa. Having a masseuse come to your home can be prohibitive.

The self-massager seems like a good idea and gets rave reviews. While athletes and exercise fanatics love them, people with fibromyalgia swear by regular treatments with a state-of-the-art machine. The best kind come with various attachments and have a variety of settings to meet individual taste. Although I don’t have a disease, I can see the benefit to anyone who spends a lot of time at the computer and gets a stiff neck or sore back. It is a special gadget to be sure. Take a look online for yourself and see.

Protect Your Castle

In the process of creating innovative web design, I am challenged with a variety of projects. It is one thing to create a page that is easy to navigate and prompts a response. I pride myself on great composition using the space well in terms of font sizes and styles as well as embedded photos and videos. The menu must be easy to read and links and buttons not hidden at the bottom. I don’t always write the content. I leave that to the inhouse staff of the business that has hired my services. Thus, I was very surprised when a client asked me to write copy for their home security company. I was game to give it a try and asked for any existing literature. Above all, I needed true testimonials from happy customers. People need these reviews.

While I am not an expert on this subject, I know how to do research. The Internet won’t let me down. In fact, I found dozens of articles on protecting one’s home. They covered various types of security systems and which are best for a given location and property. Some people want cameras and others rely on the power of loud sound. Most want motion sensor lights as they fear home invasions and much has been written about them in posts such as They want as much advanced tipoff as they can get. I will be sure to mention where to install them for best results. As far as I know, the more the better. Don’t forget the main living spaces and bedrooms.

The world is a dangerous place, prompting people to study martial arts, carry self-defense weapons, learn how to use a pistol, and safeguard their homes from robbers. It has created an enormous business. Drive by any neighborhood in the city or the suburbs and count how many signs you see. These display the name of the security system in use and serve as a warning to would-be thieves. They make the homeowner feel less vulnerable although as for me, I would rather rely on what has been installed inside.

For my current job, I wanted to highlight certain features of their approach to security. I started with a rundown of their key benefits including professional installation and stellar customer service. This means that the employees are licensed, trained, and drug tested. You can trust them in your home. Furthermore, they offer 24/7 monitoring and complete assistance if you are not at home and the alarm sounds. I call this “immediate response.” I included a photo of their state-of-the-art touch screen keypad and remote control. These are the fundamental elements of a good form of communication. As you can imagine, nowadays you can control the system from any mobile phone. It simply takes the right app. This means you can arm and disarm your alarm with one touch.

I believe I have everything in hand to make a great website to suit the needs of a security system provider. It won’t look like all the rest and the content will be complete.

App for a New Client

Gold is one of the seven basic investments. It is right up there with stocks, bonds, real estate, currency, insurance, and bank accounts. No, there are not more than this. It is like the seven notes in the western musical scale. Every piece of music is written with them. Quarter and half notes, for example, are like mutual or hedge funds—variations of the basics. Gold is a commodity and people follow the prices diligently whether they are collectors or not. It is a good indication of the state of the economy.

There are times when it disappoints and the value of an ounce drops for a time; but it is a resilient metal figuratively speaking that eventually bounces back. This makes it a great vehicle for retirement savings. A well-rounded portfolio will include it for diversification. Knowing the passion for gold in and for itself and as a economic indicator, I wanted to great an app that would evaluate past prices up to the present and come up with a percentage increase. You would plug in when you bought the gold and the app would pull up the original value. I want it to do more than this however. It should project prices into the future so investors will know when to sell. Usually people sell too soon, not realizing how important it is to hold for at least a minimal amount of time. I have a client who will totally thrilled that I turned his hobby into a form of online communication. You can access it on your laptop or cell phone.

It is something you can use alongside your stock price converter. There is a great web site that gives you today’s prices, but also researches the past history of gold prices. It is kind of where I got the idea for my gold version. I like the way it calculates profit immediately if the owner should sell on that day.

I will advertise the app online on Facebook and on sites that sell metal detectors. No doubt the visitors are gold and silver buffs and commodity players. Since there are a lot of these people out there, the app should be a winner. If you are in this group, by all means let me know so I can guide you to the best place to purchase and download it. It is meant to help people in a very practical way and it should be a boon to commodity brokers as well. They can turn their clients onto a great new source of data.

This app has been one of my best ideas. I pride myself on creativity in the digital sphere and so much has already been done. I have my niche and this is a new direction for me. I have spent hours on it and now call it successful. Once it is launched and word has been spread, I will be on to my next project. It is always a challenge I seek.

Using Websites to Compare Information

I am a product of the information age, specifically the digital era. I get what I need online. It is the easiest, most abundant, most efficient way I know to do research and gain knowledge. I don’t remember using microfiche in the library, but I have heard of it. It was actually a new innovation in the 20th century. People used card catalogues and other reference books and it took hours to order original sourcebooks. We are so lucky we have websites to ponder. While thousands are worthless, millions are not. In seconds, you can solve any problem. If you want to make something, you can see a prototype on YouTube or ask on Twitter. The “how-to” world has been transformed. You don’t need to read the fine print of archaic manuals grandad stored in the garage.

As a real-life example, I wanted to compare the features, benefits, and prices of a water softener for my home or a home filter system. Putting information side by side is the hallmark of Internet research. Here is what I found at

Water Softener

People used to lug bags of salt home to treat hard water. Now, the new models are easy to install (one unit per home), maintenance free, and operate 24/7. No salt is needed and any monitoring is done by a built-in computer. The purpose of a water softener is to treat hard water minerals and limescale that clog popes and corrodes heating elements, resulting in frequent appliance repair. In addition to the way hard water feels on the skin, it is less energy efficient due its low flow rate.

The state-of-the-art models are “smart” descalers that transmit a continuous dynamic electro-chemical wave signal. This signal in turn creates an ionic attraction of hard water minerals. They become suspended and therefore do not adhere to plumbing surfaces. Instead, they wash out naturally as the water flows through your pipes. Limescale is eliminated also by a chemical reaction. If you use a water softener regularly, especially from the time you buy new appliances, they will remain pristine.

Whole House Water Filter

If you are not plagued with hard water, you can go a different route. A water filtration system can be installed under counter, on the countertop, or attached to a faucet. The goal is purified, pollutant-free drinking water. There are people, especially with kids, who don’t even like to cook with tap water. When selecting a system, it is all about contaminant reduction capability and ease of installation. You then may do some math to calculate your savings on bottled water.

Wherever you place your unit, you will always have pure water on demand. If you elect to have a reverse osmosis system, you may know that your water contain metals, fluoride, and arsenic. The methodology uses advanced carbon block filters and can remove over seventy chemicals.

The new innovations are convenient and sophisticated, making it easy to select the best system. Buy something known to have a long-lasting filter.

No More Tennis Shoes to Work

Most days, things are routine in the digital world as I work for clients on various website coding jobs. I can ply my favorite trade for hours on end without a break. I don’t like to waste time and love being prompt and reliable. Imagine my chagrin when I dropped a heavy piece of computer equipment on my foot, breaking two toes. I was in pain for days! And angry! How stupid can you get? I didn’t know a hard drive could be a weapon. So, don’t think of throwing it at anyone unless you want to wreak havoc.

My feet were now out of commission and I had to wear comfortable, pliable shoes. Soft ones, however, are no protection against falling objects. You can be in harm’s way on any job. I don’t know if he was kidding, but a colleague at the office suggested buying some strong work boots for welding, like the welding version that construction workers wear. Their feet are safe and secure. I was a bit aghast at the idea, but it grew on me. I took a look at these babies and understood the importance of the reinforced toes. I was a bit emotional about my feet at this point.

I expected to be made fun of, but not from my office mates. They all wear the oddest clothing and shoes. Computer nerds don’t care about appearance and expressing individuality like normal people. I pity those who wear flipflops that expose vulnerable toes. Next to them, my welding boots look so sturdy and clunky. No more tennis shoes to work for me. In addition to the steel inner toe, the soles are thick and durable. The salesman said that there are always glass bottles on construction sites. With proper footwear, you can crunch one down on the concrete and feel absolutely nothing.

Welding boots can be lace up leather uppers, padded around the ankle, waterproof, and/or stitched all around the surface. It is your choice. Mine do more than I ask of them as they absorb impact incredibly well. Now that I am used to them, they are rather stylish. Who knew that safety could look this good. You have a choice of black or brownish copper. The inner material is lightweight and cool—no hot fabric that traps heat. No sweaty feet that are smothered all day long. The footbeds cushion your tootsies from any hard surface. We have a concrete floor and I never go home with tired and sore feet. Did I mention the steel shanks? It’s a tough material that lifts the muscles in the feet—no straining in your stride. What took me so long to discover these fabulous boots? They even can protect you from electrical hazards (they actually soak up electricity). The tread is slip-resistant as well. People buy them for good grip and traction. I could go on and on touting the benefits of welding boots.

Other People’s Mistakes

I am pretty much of a whiz on the computer. I live and breathe the digital realm. I do it for myself and to help others. If you have a glitch caused by someone else’s code, I can fix it. For example, recently I had a client with a nice website where customers could view and buy the latest styles in basketball shoes. The ability to do this has been a revolution in the athletic sneaker industry. Who ever thought you would buy something to wear without trying it on?

The site was well constructed and appealing to the eye. It was very easy to navigate and most important, the range of styles was adequate, if not excessive. It could take hours to read all the descriptions, prices, and testimonials. Nevertheless, the headings were large enough, the photos offered close-ups at the click of a mouse, and the embedded videos were helpful. Someone knows his or her business. I liked the limited number of pages, the visible checkout, the site’s apparent security, and the attractive color scheme. There is not much I would change or add. However, there was a glitch when entering personal information to get on the email list. Most people don’t mind signing up so they can be notified about sales and discounts, or when a new model is available in their size. It wasn’t working as well as it should and I had to step in and remedy the problem.

I did in no time, but there was also a side benefit. As I worked my way through the Baller’s Guide site and scrolled through everything on offer, I noticed a terrific pair of basketball shoes that practically shouted, “buy me.” They were a bit different from the sneakers I have and I loved the touch of retro in the design. I prefer this to a more space-age approach. It harkens back to another era. Most of us remember the “good old days” and want to indulge in a bit of nostalgia at some point. The shoes were black with white soles and laces. They were edgy only because they are different. By accident, therefore, I acquired a new pair of athletic shoes. It’s funny how things like this happen. I guess I would have gone on wearing my worn-out shoes.

When the shoes came, I considered it a big bonus to the software job. I killed two birds with one stone. I don’t always have time to shop, online or in stores. I make time to play basketball, and that’s about it for recreation. If any time is left over after working a full day, I like to go out with the guys. The last time I went for a drink in my cool basketball shoes, I got a lot of attention. I gave out information on the site I had worked on and brought about a couple additional sales for my client. When he found out, he gave me a coupon for half off my next order. My luck keeps rolling on.

Some of the Very Best Sites in 2016

You don’t have to be particularly skillful in website design to build a quality and professional site these days. There are some very useful tools for the taking. Some of them are offered at premium costs and others are absolutely free. From clean templates to hosting, there are sites that feature all in one services that can be used by complete newbies to site design and development. Here are a few of the best sites for 2016 to get you started.

  • Site Builder

This site offers everything that you’ll need to create your own website for free. Free services include your website, which is customizable using thousands of templates, a drag and drop editor a domain and email. With this service, you can fairly easily build your website and then move to their premium packages. The starter package is free for building a site up to five pages. What’s cool about is that there are no website ads, you have free SEO tools and priority support. An e-commerce store is also available. The personal plans start at $4.99 per month and go up to $11.99 per month. These are billed annually so be prepared to pay for your plan choice for a year up front.

  • Web Site Builder

This site is one of the most popular because it features easy to use templates, excellent support and it’s ranked as being a great value for the cost. Their design also caters to the mobile crowd with mobile templates, e-commerce templates, and a shopping cart if you’re starting a business and over 500 MB of space with unlimited bandwidth. The domain is free. You don’t need any special skills to get started with this site. There are no ads on your website so viewers won’t become annoyed when they’re after pure content.

You can start your website for free and when you’re satisfied with the results, move on to a package that is the most suitable for your needs.

  • eHost

This is currently the most popular hosting company on the planet. Their uptime is amazing and the customer service is among the best out there. They offer tons of features along with a free domain for life. offers the lowest price for web hosting

  • Sitey

Sitey is moving to the forefront as one of the favorite website builders for designers who are searching for an affordable and user-friendly platform. They offer competitive rates along with some very useful tools for creating a professional looking website. Their templates are attractive and there are plenty to choose from.

  • BlueHost

This site is relatively new but they’re getting rave reviews as an up and coming provider. They offer a free domain, an amazing website builder and free email with unlimited storage and cloud storage. Their packages are quite affordable starting at just $3.95 a month. There have been no complaints about them and they’re moving ahead quickly in the industry with easy to use design templates that are customizable and a host of tools for making sites suitable for personal through professional is a variety of themes.

When Websites Are Done Well…

I hate badly designed websites. I abhor lazy souls who don’t give a darn. They just want to sell their product or service. No matter that the color scheme is boring, the font is too small, or the navigability is terrible. They have to learn a thing or two. Website construction is an art these days and pertains as much to site appearance as great content. I get so turned off by inferior layout that I immediately go to another page. It can be very irritating when you are looking for something specific and the low-grade site has more than a few to offer. I resist my instinct to move on in such a case.

Let me give you an example to make my point clear. I needed a quality shop vac and hoped to find a website filled with product reviews and testimonials. I trust users and read their words with care. This way I won’t make a costly mistake. Not every vac is equal. They have different features. First and foremost, do you want an electric one or a battery-operated machine? After leaving the poorly-organized websites, I hit on a great one that had everything I needed. I like a one-stop shop approach. It makes it easy for visitors to survey the site quickly and find the right item. I was so impressed with the layout and the easy viewing of the items. You could immediately see the price, description, reviews and testimonials without searching about mindlessly. Each product on offer had a rating as well. I felt confident that I would be ordering the best shop vac based on the construction of the site. If that much attention had been given to navigation and design, then it must also have been given to the selection of products themselves.

I am tempted to reveal the name of the site, but frankly, as a blogger I am not here to promote anyone in particular. I do like to laud good websites in principle. In this Internet-driven world, you would expect to see only the best, but alas, it is not so. There are great consultants out there, but people don’t often know how to contact them. But when websites are done well…it is a coup for the industry. If you need to build or improve a site, why not select a few of the top-quality ones and contact them for information on their webmaster.

Meanwhile I love my new shop vac and it is getting considerable use. It cleans up anything from sawdust and wood chips to metal shavings lying about. It is easy to open and empty right into the trash. Then I hang it on the wall of my garage right next to my other essential tools. I like that it is portable, has attachments, and has wet or dry capacity. They come in larger sizes than mine if you are a real do-it-yourselfer. Keep your space clean and debris free with a handy shop vac like mine.

Some of the Most Popular Sites Designs in the US Today

You have the concept for your site in mind and now it is time to begin bringing your ideas to life. The next step is to find high-quality website templates. To save you time and energy here is a list of the most popular sites in the USA today. These are the most frequently used by thousands of webmasters who produce professional looking websites of all styles, colors, and themes.

  • DreamTemplate Premium Website Templates

This site if filled with clean and corporate website templates. They maintain a base of over ten thousand templates to choose from. There is a type that is suitable for virtually everyone including CSS, Pro Website; website; flash templates; flash CSS templates; photo gallery; word templates; corporate identity; PowerPoint and free website templates.

  • BeTheme (HTML5)

This site offers HTML templates for personal or business websites. Choose from 210 templates that are flexible HTML format. Fully responsive with smooth scrolling with pre-built sites available starting at just $17. They offer high resolution with themeForest files including HTML files, CSS files, and JS files. The pre-built sites feature four or more columns with responsive layout. Visit them at the link below.

  • Maple

Maple WordPress themes offer fifteen layout combinations of templates. You will have a choice of dark or light styles with lots of widgets and features. The templates are unique and bold in design and highly responsive so your viewers will have easy access from computers, tablets, and smartphones. Maple also ensures a clean coding so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for with ease. It provides parallax header backgrounds and includes multi sidebar support. The cost of these templates is $49.

  • NOHO

NOHO offers a creative multi-purpose Muse template that is easily edited with Adobe Muse. Build your site quickly and customize it with a variety of colors and texts or change images within moments. The template is clean and modern and it is versatile for multiple uses. The package includes mobile, tablet and desktop versions. The cost is a low $13.

  • Jupiter

Jupiter offers WordPress theme templates and the most recent version delivers some of the best speeds that you’ll find without overtaxing your battery or CPU. Excellent for photography with adaptive image resolution for excellence in viewing from any device. You’ll have your choice of more than eighty-five templates and the interface couldn’t be easier with its drag and drop feature. The cost is $59 and it is well worth every penny.

  • Ness

Ness offers modern WordPress themes if you’re into minimalism. The imagery cannot be beaten. Their templates are the most suitable for photo blog and magazine type sites. Mobile friendliness will give you a responsive edge. They are fully responsive with HD features for amazing image portrayal, excellent readability and gallery post type for full screen and portrait image friendliness. Parallax header with smooth scrolling and you can use the sidebar option to make posts if desired. The cost is $49. Find out more by visiting:

  • PX Themes Summer Ghost

PX Themes offers clean and very simple to use Summer Ghost templates. You get a range of four animation types including fadeout, push, sliced or the simple option with no animation. This template is the most suitable for any type of blog site. There are updates coming soon that will allow inclusion of Facebook and Twitter fields, but for now, these options are not included. You do get author pages with full-screen covers and integration is Foundation 5 and Disqus. The total cost of the package is just $19.

These are seven of the most popular site designs in the US today. I hope that the information helps you to find the templates that will work best for your new site. Each has a unique set of features so there are plenty of formats and themes to choose from.

Good Sites You Can Use to Find Tech Jobs

Finding a tech job can be a bit of a challenge, depending on your area of expertise. There are plenty of them out there, but finding the can be time-consuming. Using a tech job site cuts down on the amount of searching that you have to do because the better ones offer services that take a smarter approach to job hunting. Uploading a resume and allowing them to do the searching can save a lot of time and decrease the effort that you’ll make in looking for suitable tech jobs. Here are the best tech job sites to help you in your search.

  • Dice

The sign-up process is really easy and the services are always free for techs seeking a job. Just sign up, create a profile and upload your resume. Your information will be visible to a variety of employers and recruiters who are looking for qualified applicants. This is a great way to apply for thousands of tech jobs simultaneously.

  • Zip Recruiter

This site is absolutely free for job seekers and it has a few great features including an interface for importing your LinkedIn profile. It offers keyword searches in your local area and makes searching for jobs quicker and easier for filtered searches and more precision queries.

  • Robert Half Technology

This company caters to IT professionals who are looking for employment in web development, systems integration or network security and technical support. It is specialized firm that is dedicated to helping IT professionals match up with employers who are in need of their talents.

  • The

This site allows you to take a good look at the salaries and other valuable information available about companies before you apply to work there. It also offers a service for easy application including resume uploading and exposure to targeted employers via your profile.

  • Server Jobs

This site offers to connect you with information about all of the jobs in your area and beyond. You just complete the job search criteria and you can set the options of how you want to receive notifications of positions that fit your job search input.

These are just a few of the useful Tech job sites out there. They are among the most popular because they offer convenience and exposure to multiple IT jobs available in your local area. It beats looking through the local newspaper every day.

Sites to Buy Domain Names

Once you have your site designed and it’s ready to go live, you’ll need to purchase a domain name. There are so many sites offering great services it can be hard to decide which will offer the best features and deals. This listing highlights some of the most popular sites so you won’t have to spend much time looking for the ideal domain-purchasing site.

What’s in a name?

Domain names are a type of branding for your site. It pays to be a little creative so you can come up with the name that will serve as a good descriptor of your site and be easy for visitors to remember. Something catchy, yet relevant with some type of appeal should do the trick nicely.

Domain registration

Finding the right domain registrar isn’t too difficult because there are quite a few out there, but it pays to be a bit on the choosy side since they’re offering some competitive rates. You can get a good deal and excellent service. This list of the most popular registration services will help you to get started on the right foot.

  • Namecheap

This is an economical domain registrar that is among the most popular and highly recommended. Their customer service can’t be beaten and you’ll have a great choice of add-on packages at value prices. The service comes with URL forwarding, free email, and customizable domain parking. That’s not all either. You also get free domain transfers with dynamic DNS services that are good for redirecting a domain back to your home server. A one-year registration is $9.98.

  • 1&1

This company offers domain registrations with one of the most comprehensive domain parking packages. They offer a five-page starter website along with domain registration and protection for your personal information with a free private domain registration. You also get an email account with 2 GB storage along with free domain transfer. Prices start at $4.99 and go up to $29.99 a year.

  • Gandi

Gandi is popular for their clean and simple service. They’re straightforward in their approach to business. Each registration comes with two SiteMakeer pages at no additional cost, a DotClear2 blog, a year of free SSL certificate with a personal email and private domain registration. Gandi also has a dashboard feature that allows you to manage multiple domains with tag-based organization for easier searching. The cost is $16.85 a year.

  • Name

Otherwise known by, this site offers simple searches for a domain name with the added feature of alternative suggestions. If you run dry on ideas, you may find the solution here. The Domain Grabber service that Name is popular for will hold onto a domain name choice and if it’s unavailable, they will lie in wait and take quick action the moment that it does become available so it will eventually become yours. There is an extra charge for this service, however, of between twenty and twenty-five bucks. This site is good when your only real need is simple domain registration. The cost is $9.99 per year.

  • Go Daddy

Go Daddy is among the most popular domain name registrars because of their inexpensive package deals. If you’re looking for a combination service for domain registration and web hosting to boot, they’re one of the best. The regular price for their services is $11.99 per year, but they’re good at sponsoring special package deals. What you get with Go Daddy is a five-page website and it will be based on a Go Daddy template; a hosting plan; blogging tools; a photo album and email account with a gig of storage. Although they don’t offer private registration for free, registering five domains or more is free for all.

Design Templates for a Super Clean Site

The web is a constantly evolving creature and it’s important for web designers to be aware of this. The best way to build a site is to use clean site design templates that have the capacity to grow with the evolution of the web. Clean web design templates are those that adhere to web standards. They do not contain unnecessary content and they use tags and the structure of each language used meets established standards for the purpose it was intended for. There will be no unnecessary attributes.

Clean Site Design Templates vs. professional web development

In my opinion, there are more benefits for using clean site design templates that there are in going with a web design service. They’re less expensive, you are in charge of timelines for site launch and you can customize your own site, making changes whenever you want.

Shorter time to get your site up and running

Templates will save you time because they are ready to start customizing. It usually only takes a few days to create a professional looking website from clean design templates versus several months if you hire a web design service.

Great variety to choose from

There are multiple different template designs to choose from. You’ll be able to find the style, colors, and formats fairly quickly. There are also competitive sites offering some very good rates. You’ll need to spend a little time comparing, but there is a sea of variety when it comes to web design templates.

Greater control over editing

The templates may be updated to accommodate changes in the requirements for your site. You will be able to do this any time of the day or night and will not have to wait for someone else to make the changes for you. Most come with site building tools. The majority of them are user-friendly so you don’t have to be a highly skilled programmer to develop a professional looking website.

Greater confidence

Clean site design templates offer correct coding which has been pre-tested so you can have confidence that all of the kinks have been worked out. This makes it much easier to simply purchase, download the templates, do a little customization and add your content.

Why clean site design templates are the answer

The bottom line is that clean site design templates can save you time, effort and money. If you choose to go with a custom layout for your site, it will cost more than if you use templates. They’re generally inexpensive compared to web design services as well as it you spent the extra money to have somebody else build your site from scratch. You can still customize many features within the templates. If you have to pay a little more to get clean site design templates, you’ll still be spending less. You can design a professional looking site with excellent functionality through the use of templates